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October 27 2012


Required job skills

Today companies tend to be inclined to discover individuals who can bring to the growth in the company rather than just boost its productivity. Most companies tend to check for folks who are endowed with the most appealing job skills so as to match the anticipation and necessities in the organization. Following a set of some important job skills a candidate must have in order to get a good job.

1. Job seekers should contain the ability to research as a way to perform searches on the data needed for some exercise.

2. Logical thinking is important. Most employers need people who can easily produce successful remedies and to make sensible alternatives regarding a proposal or a probable activity.

3. With the advent of details technology, most jobs require people who are computer literate or understand how to operate different machines.

4. Companies find people who have the ability to express their thoughts successfully through written and verbal communications.

5. No boss would like to pay somebody who is truly disorganized. Organizational skills are extremely important to maintain a harmonious working relationship in the business. Therefore, most employers come across people who know how to arrange e.g. methods.

6. Companies find those who have the ability to create an agenda that will build personal career growth. This specific means that the person is actually willing to improve him or her or herself professionally by understanding brand-new things he or she still really doesn't know.

Additional tips regarding career and recruiting soon.

September 23 2012


How to get a good headhunter in the EU?

These words are mainly for interested individuals in America.

A headhunter is an individual who is basically on the payroll of a firm and his primary function is to find the best individuals for a job and attract them.

There are several recruiting companies. E.g. in Austria a headhunter is referred to as 'Personalberater'. Some of them manage their own Job Exchanges in which they publish job vancies. Headhunters may well operate for multiple companies at a time period. They can be great for a work seeker but a number of things a work seeker must take into accounts just before working with any headhunter. In order to obtain a good headhunter you may start with requesting around. Communicating with other career seekers or those who landed positions through headhunters makes a great deal of sense. They will know who will be the very best headhunters and will also know which one of them is reliable. As soon as you have shortlisted the headhunters you desire to work with, have a discussion with them exactly what you are looking for in a job. Once you inform the headhunter about your career be sure everything you say him is is true. When you lie to them, they'll not be able to help you find a good job inside. Also, offer the headhunter a duplicate of your resume and in addition take their advice concerning the further steps. If a headhunter talks to you about a company, don't just take his word. Spend some time asking people as well as doing your own investigation on the net about this company. Headhunters will be paid to find individuals therefore it is clear that irrespective of how good or bad the company is, they will seek to influence you to take the position. There are a lot of headhunters existing nowadays. So you must be careful with whom to cooperate and with whom not.

I will publish concerning my personal experiences soon. Besides I include some contact informations of reputable headhunters located in the European Union:

Odgers Berndtson



Board Consultants

Ising / IIC

TOPOS Personalberatung

Vesterling Personalberatung

Michael Page

Kienbaum Consultants

WKP Guddorf Personalberatung


Lachner Aden Beyer
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